Guy De On textura aromatic scrubbing cream

Happy Monday beauties.

Recently I had the opportunity to explore another Guy De On product, the “textura aromatic scrubbing cream.”  Let me start off by saying I appreciate the generous size of the full-sized products because many are on the petite side.  I can understand where the name comes from, it does have a very clean aroma and it is definitely a scrub with texture.  Scrubs these days is a term used loosely.  I have used scrubs that you feel absolutely no scrub and others that are far too abrasive for my face because I have sensitive acne prone skin.

I used it on my face and it felt too harsh for me.   However after my scrub was complete I felt very clean, and like my face wash absorbed better into the skin.  Unfortunately I don’t think this one just isn’t for my skin type.  I do like to be creative and not waste products though… so I thought I could use it as a body scrub.  For me, that is how I find it works best for me.  Areas like my knees and elbows need a little extra love and exfoliation so this did the trick.  Everyone’s skin type and face is different so if you prefer a hearty scrub then this could be a win for your facial routine.

The ingredients are: dead sea salt, rosemary oil, and lavender.  Due to the fact these ingredients are quoted as anti-inflammatory and soothing I may try it a few more times on my face to see how it goes.

Learn more about the other Guy De On products on their website:

Product provided for 100% honest review


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