I will never go another summer without these five products…

Have you ever changed your beauty routine dependent on the season?  I do.  Not much, but there are certain things I just have recently concluded that I could never live another summer without:

  1. HoneyBelle Body Buffer – no more lumps and bumps and hiding behind board shorts!
  2. MyBody Serve & Protect – moisture, enough coverage for imperfections, and SPF 30
    3. Smashbox O-Gloss & O-Glow.  Natural lip & cheek color in convenient tubes – with NO mess!4. Glitter on my nails – OPI Glam Slam products.  Even if your cuticles look crappy no one will ever notice because they are too busy staring at the glitter.5. LORAC 3D lashes – for mile long mascara


That is the bare minimum of what I need to leave my house and feel fabulous.

What are your top five products that you wouldn’t dare to leave your home without using and feeling like a million bucks?


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