The weirdest beauty tool I’ve ever seen… and used.

Have you ever heard of a twist-n-roll tweezers?  I hadn’t either until a few weeks ago when I saw this beauty tool for the first time.  It is considered a DIY threading system.  Have you seen the kiosks in your local mall with ladies holding string with their hands and teeth and girls sprawled out on chairs getting hair removed from their face for everyone to see?  Well, supposedly with this tool you won’t have to do that anymore.

I was too curious to not give a try.  Normally I just tweeze because I would never allow myself to endure that sort of public embarrassment that I mentioned above.  It took me several days to figure out how to get into an actual comfort zone with the product.  You have to hold it in a u-shape and twist outwards.  I could feel that it was removing several hairs at a time but it wasn’t perfect.  It did work best after a warm shower so my pores were open and the process was less painful.  Every time after I was done using it, I would still need to go do some tune-up with my tweezers.

If you have peach-fuzz patches that drive you crazy then maybe this is a good option for you.  I personally believe the product is too big to do fine work like eyebrow shaping.  The plus side is you can just throw it in a bag and take it with you when you’re travelling or you can sit in front of the TV and thread your cares away.  However if that defined brow look is all you are seeking then this is not going to replace your local threading queen.

Product link:

Product provided for 100% honest review


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