Bling Strands

OK so at first I was super excited when I received these in the mail…

Bling Strands


The instructions seemed simple, so I cut a few away from the large backing and applied as directed.  Application was as simple as advertised on the how-to slip however it just didn’t look right.  What it did look like was a chunk of hair was fused together with glue and some rhinestones got stuck in there.  I couldn’t even take a photo I started removing the glue balls and stones from my hair and then sighed relief when I could run my hand through that section of my hair again.  supposedly you can wash your hair with these?  Several times?  I don’t see how it is at all possible.  For a special occasions like a cheerleading competition or maybe even bridal hair I could see where it might make some sense… but for me, these just didn’t work…

I was really hoping this would be a fun alternative to the feather trend but it failed.  Bummer!


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