Hourglass lashes

I never ever leave home without mascara.  Not kidding.

I’ve been blessed with natural lengthy lashes (don’t hate me) but I love to give them a little something extra every day.

Mostly any mascara works as long as it applies evenly.  Some I grow to love more than others because I love that almost faux lash look.

Do you want the look of false lashes without actually having to figure out how to put them on?  This duo might just be for you!

Hourglass Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara and Lash Lacquer

I’ve actually read that some ladies had a hard time applying the lacquer, but if you can paint your nails you can paint your lashes.  I found that you don’t really have to get each individual lash.  It’s more like a touch-up job in my opinion.  Those little spots where you notice you missed mascara or are too scared to fit that wand into that smaller area, this is a great tool for that.  Plus it literally gives it a lacquered look.  In the right light your lashes look like they are made out of patent leather.  It is so freaking cool!  I tried so hard to get a shot of it, but here are three of the best lash shots I could get.

The lash lacquer is stated to work best with a mascara.  So for those reviews you are reading about it being used on its own, I wouldn’t go off of those… this is to compliment your mascara routine.

I think it is a really cool option you can build it up as much or little as you want and feel lashtastic.

I’m a fan.  When I get my yearly Sephora Christmas gift card I am stocking up.  I refuse to put glue near my eyes.  Lashes forever!

You can buy them now at Sephora online for $28 / each

Product provided for 100% honest review

P.S. anyone got tips on how to get better eye close-ups?  hmm…

Oh – don’t forget about my big giveaway!  xoxo


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