Hair Rules!

OMG.  This post was supposed to be a replicated attempt of a celebrity hair style.  I failed miserably, however, the products did not…

  1. Wavy Mousse is a fantastic ultra-light foamy mousse.  I have naturally (crazy) curly hair and a lot of products just make them worse, even if they are “specially formulated” for curly hair.  Even after just one use of this product it was a really nice change.  It made me actually re-think wearing my hair straight every day and embrace my natural curls again.  The fact that it is light and didn’t weigh the hair down was great, the smell was nice, and there was no obnoxious crunch factor to my hair after the product had set.
  2. Hydrating Finishing Cream is like lotion for your hair.  Seriously.  It just makes it soft and you want to run your hands through it.
  3. Blow Out Your Waves is a spray you use to help keep the kinks out if you are curly and straighten often.  It not only does that but offers a great shine factor.


Several of the Hair Rules products have won several Essence and Lucky awards and I can understand why.  You can learn about these and other Hair Rules products on their website.  It’s worth a look!

These products were provided for me to replicate a look but I couldn’t when I realized I needed curlers or a curling iron (and I don’t own those)

so I just used them each on their own and am giving you my honest opinion.


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