An hour with Deborah Lippmann

She is a nail icon that caters to the most major of the major stars.  Her polishes are amazing and each one has an equally fabulous story behind it.  This morning she took time out for a group of bloggers to sit down and share her inspirations.  It was absolutely fabulous…

She shared with us all many stories.  Here are some highlights from our morning together.

The first story is about Yellow Brick Road a “super sheer mellow yellow”  the intro of this trails back to before Deborah had her own line of polishes.  She was working on a project for a fashion editor and the editor wanted a specific yellow.  At the time Deborah had five yellow polishes with her but they were not the right shade for the shoot… so, she started mixing.  Pretty cool how it started, huh?  Deborah continued to share with us the details behind Lady Gaga wearing Yellow Brick Road at the Grammy awards.  Originally Gaga was going to wear a set of the gorgeous claws that she had created for her.  But a last-minute change into her vessel costume Deborah thought on the fly, and realized that instead of the dark claws a light short nail was more appropriate.  She never expected the world to take notice to those yellow nails…

Second story: Happy Birthday.  This polish was created during the recession and it was to bring some color back into our lives.  Did you know that?  It was news to me!

Some of my favorite things she said was that in applying her glitters, there really are no mistakes.  Each person that polishes decides how sheer or opaque they want their fingertips.  Deborah created her polishes with the intention of them being worn in two thin coats.  But, how you wear it is in your hands.

New polish time!  This holiday season expect some exclusive sets available at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Barneys.  Expect to see some new glitters – each with a fun name.   Star thinking about rose gold Cartier watches and graphite glitters.  Together?  Maybe not… but it sounds like a fabulous mani pedi combo to me.

Cannot wait to paint with these!!  It is going to be SICK!  (the girls that were at the meeting will get that inside joke.)

Have you ever noticed all of her polishes are named after songs?  Being that I spent so long in the music industry, that makes me love her even more.

If you haven’t already check out Nordstrom for the newest available collection that includes Billionaire, Brick House and the Get This Party Started set.

To learn more about the amazingly talented and beautiful Deborah Lippmann please visit her website.

Here is a photo of Deborah Lippmann and I.  Isn’t she gorgeous?!


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