Cosmoprof Las Vegas

Hello, all!  I went to Las Vegas for an entire 24 hours to attend Cosmoprof.  It was entirely too much to pack into that amount of time, but I made the most of it!

Walking around the convention itself was exhausting.  There was sooo much to see.  Some of it repetitive, some of it super exciting.  The coolest things I saw was some holiday collections upcoming from Orly, a couple of China Glaze displays, and a ridiculous amount of nail stickers.  I know some of you are not fans, but I am.  Especially ones with bling.  Yes, thank you!

Dashing Diva nail decals may be the budget friendly option to the new Sephora OPI nail art decals.  The art ranged from hearts to leopards to rainbow dots.  Blingalicious.

I was told to find these at your local Sally Beauty Supply.  Hello, right down the street from me!  They probably don’t have these in yet because they’re brand new!

(you can click to enlarge)

There are some creams and some glitters.  One reminded me of OPI Rally Pretty Pink.

Halloween is sneaking up on us!

I really didn’t take a ton of pictures, mostly because my brain was on complete overload.

After wandering for 3.5 hours I went to relax in my room when I got an amazing email from Krystal of Polish Galore.  She really went above and beyond to coordinate gatherings where all of the bloggers could meet one another and I am so incredibly grateful for what she did and I am so happy I got the chance to meet her, hug her, and thank her.

There was a group of almost 20 bloggers who all went out for “dinner” and drinks and we were honored to have Katie Cazorla of the Painted Nail / The Nail Files join!

This was such a funny moment and I am so happy to see it translated into photography.  lol

Katie was exactly as you see her on the Nail Files.  Bubbly, strikingly beautiful, and absofreakinglutely hilarious.  Watch her show!

Speaking of laughs and good times I am so glad to have met ALL of the bloggers, it is so cool to be able to put a real life personality and face behind the words we read every day.

Again a special thanks to Krystal for getting us all together.  Cannot forget to mention Lizbeth, Melissa, Katherine, and Jen for the memories.

Krystal has a full list of bloggers in attendance on her site.  Check out their blogs!


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