Avon everlasting petal gloss

I LOVE catalog shopping.  Online is awesome and convenient but there is just something uber fabulous about a real catalog in your hands.

With AVON catalogs I can spend hours.  days.  weeks.  re-reviewing the materials.  reading the descriptions.  analyzing the photos.  All to make a decision.

Catalog shopping and bloggers can work hand in hand by providing a real image as to what the product looks like in the real world.

So I have for you today AVON’s new extra lasting gloss

The color we are using today is everlasting petal.

You can see from the product photo that there are micro glitters packed in there.

I wore this to work and the instant I put it on I could tell it had some staying power just by the texture.  It wasn’t as smooth and silky as some glosses but those glosses tend to fade away quickly.  I noticed that my white coffee cup had my lip imprint which made me skeptical if it was truly extra lasting.  But the real story is that I applied it at 6:30am and at noon when I went to powder my nose I realized I still had the same color on my lips.  I was pretty gosh darn impressed.  It wasn’t as full blown as when I first applied it, but it was there.  For me, two applications for a full (10 hour day) at work is really good.  Normally I apply 4+ times with other lip glosses.

The product description says it lasts for 10 hours on its own but after a cup of coffee, two bottles of water, lunch, talking on the phone and biting my lip while typing it didn’t make it the full haul for me.  Either way, I still think even 5 hours is great.  Heck, even 3 or 4 hours is great.

It comes in ten different colors and are $9 each.  Right now the AVON website has a buy one get one half off deal.  Check it out!


2 thoughts on “Avon everlasting petal gloss

  1. Rebecca says:

    I love looking at Avon catalogs too! I can read the same one over and over and notice something new in it each time! Half the time I don’t even order anything but I’m totally with you on reading it. Gonna have to try this gloss though; it looks really nice and this color is right up my alley.


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