I got to share my nails with Vampy Varnish today!

Kelly, who is the genius femme fatale behind VampyVarnish.com (one of my favorite and most inspiring daily blog reads) has started this amazing concept called, “Share Yourself.”  I was SO excited when I saw that she was accepting submissions that I ran into my designated nail room and started painting.

Now I know you all love nail art, and I’m pretty much obsessed with Hello Kitty so I went for a new version of bubbly pink nails gracing our beloved cat and bow.

I want to respect Kelly’s wishes and not post the images here – because they are on her blog right now.  So please check out the post she was awesome enough to put together and leave a comment!  There are some great other manicures featured as well.  Also be sure to check out her other posts.  Great content.  Seriously.  You should also consider submitting some material yourself if you’re a blogger!  🙂

Seeing the link live this morning was the perfect way to start this day.  It is really neat to even be an itsy bitsy piece of such a fantastic website.

Here is the link:


Now go, spread the love!  xoxo


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