Smashbox Sepia cream eye liner swatch & review

Another fabulous Smashbox cream eye liner.  A few days ago I did my post on the Blacklight version of this Girls on Film collection product.

Today I have for you: Sepia

Smashbox calls it a midnight brown with gold pearl.  I call it brunette with gold glitter.

The pot has obviously been used, but that better shows you how much glitter there actually is in there.  On the skin, it is much more subtle.

See?  There is actually quite a bit that distributes onto the skin.  But it isn’t like, “damn you’ve got a disco on your eye lids” glitter.  Simple glitter.

Sidebar: you can click any of my photos to enlarge them.

Above is a photo of it on the skin.  I paired it with a gold glitter shadow by tokidoki.

What I love about these eye liners is that they are so creamy.  Literally.  It makes them melt onto the skin and they don’t pull.  The brush that they come with is fantastic for clean lines.

Overall, a pretty fantastic combination of products.

I really wish they would expand this product line to make a wide variety of colors, because they also double as smudge pots for easy smokey eyes.

What do you think?  Buy or no buy?  Worth the splurge?  What’s your favorite kind of eye liner?

Visit the Smashbox website for more info!

Products provided for 100% honest review


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