ybf best eyebrow pencil. for real.

I do a lot of beauty product research.  a lot.  Several times I have read that this brand: ybf, has the best eyebrow pencil out on the market.

How do you do your brows?  Wax?  Gel?  Pencil?  Powder?

I was a powder girl, until I tried this.

One side is the pencil, that twists to release more product.  The other side is a brush.  (the product arrives capped but I wanted to show you both sides at once)

I tend to over pluck.  This is my brow – naked.  Normally I use NYC brow powder with a slanted eye liner brush from Sephora.  It normally takes me forever to fill in and have it be clean.

Here is the same brow, after using the product.  It really is just a quick couple swipes to fill and then I use the brush side to give it a more natural look.

Really fantastic and super easy to use!  So much better than my old routine.

This product has actually been around for 14 years!  I feel so out of the loop having just discovered it!  What planet have I been on??

The ybf website actually has this eyebrow pencil and a bonus gift right now for only $12!  It is a universal taupe color and it worked out great for my brunette brows.

It’s a chameleon, the website says it accommodates up to 22 hair colors!

Super cool find.  Need to stock up!!

See the product here on the ybf website.

Product provided for 100% honest review


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