Dr.’s Remedy Instant Cover (tattoo cover-up review)

When I read the press release that Dr.’s Remedy created an instant cover cream.  I’ve tried several different brands to cover my tattoos.  All that say they work and most do not.  Let’s try this one out, shall we?

What surprises me at first was the size of this bottle.  The other cosmetic creams that I’ve tried for covering body/skin flaws are usually in itsy bitsy tubes.

The biggest thing I noticed was this isn’t recommended for the face.  My other trials were “face friendly” but then again, they didn’t really cover my tattoos.

You can see that my tattoos are VERY bright and colorful and those are usually the hardest ones to cover.

Check out the applicator – it is a super soft foam and you just squeeze out the product!

After just a few squeezes and spreading it truly covered.  The only problem is I was a freaking idiot and ordered medium not the light!!  But if you are tan, this is the shade for you!

It did take approximately ten minutes to dry.

I wore it all day long (under pants) to work and after a ten hour day including 105 degree heat and walking and pants rubbing there was quite a bit still there.  I’m impressed!

This is a pretty cool product.  I would think it is great for covering spider veins or other skin imperfections.  Usually tattoos are the ultimate cover-up product test and I have to say it worked.  Even after a shower and scrubbing with a loofah it was trying to hold on, so it has definite staying power.  Just make sure you order the right color, lol!

It retails for $40 which is a good price considering you get SO MUCH MORE product than other brands that offer the same thing.

Learn more about the product here on the Dr.’s REMEDY website

Product provided for 100% honest review


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