Mattese Elite Scented Tequila Sunrise neon yellow duo chrome polish

Yes that is possibly the longest title post I’ve had thus far on my blog.  But this polish deserves for every single person who loves nail polish to read and learn about it, then go buy it.  Seldom do I say go buy it.  I usually say it’s cool, if it’s for you, blah blah… but this is one of those polishes where it is like holy freaking fudge I can’t stop staring at it.

Mattese Elite is a company that has an amazingly creative line of beauty products – one of which is nail polish.  Today I am showing you Tequila Sunrise which is part of their Happy Hour collection that contains several cocktail scented polish.  Yes, really…

Here is your warning – this post is picture heavy.  This photo shows you the soft green duo chrome effect that this pineapple toned polish takes on.

This is the polish in the California sunshine.

I’m feeling a bit like Wayne from Wayne’s World right now… “camera 1, camera 2…”

Can see how this polish completely transforms depending on the light available?

This may now be one of my top 3 favorite nail polishes of all time.  I’m actually refusing to take it off right now even though I have a bunch more to swatch.  It is also a complete and total distraction because I either find myself staring at it, turning my hands, or watching it change colors constantly.  Also, I am sniffing my fingers which is very odd I’m sure.  But it literally smells like a Tequila Sunrise.  Effing crazy.

Now this polish is defined as a neon.  So I used a thin coat of white polish underneath to make the color pop even more.  I’m sure if you used it without the white polish you would see more of the duo chrome effect but you would also have visible nail lines because it is also a bit sheer.  Some people are completely against VNL, so you can really choose how you want to wear it.  I used two coats of Tequila Sunrise over the white polish (Jessica On the Rocks, ironic combo eh?)

Another bonus?  These polishes are the same size as Milani bottles and are only $5.99 so you are getting a great polish at a great price.  I’ve got more Mattese Elite products being shown here over the next week, so stay tuned.  In the mean time go to the company’s website and see all of the amazing stuff they have to offer.

I am officially obsessed with this brand and am even considering when I become a millionaire to purchase one of every single thing they make because I’m so impressed with what I’ve seen so far (like I said you’ll see more over the next week or so) …lovelovelove

Product provided for 100% honest review


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