Hard Candy Lashaholic

I think the name of this mascara is super cute.  It also reminds me of my blog pal The Polishaholic who I believe should have some type of nail holy grail built-in her honor.  Anyhow.  I consider myself to be a bit of both, a polish and a lashaholic.  I hoard.  It’s kinda ridiculous.

OK to focus on the new product – Hard Candy’s Lashaholic.  Sold exclusively at Wal-Mart.

Nice packaging.  Pink and edgy.  Large size, too.

There’s your brush.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Slight bend which I usually prefer a straight but everyone is different.

Here is my eye all done up, minus mascara.  Those are my all natural lashes.

Again, those are my natural lashes with my eyes closed.

This is two coats of Lashaholic.  I followed Olivia’s advice from Jerseylicious and applied it on the top of the lash first, and then a coat from the inner root of the lash going to the tip.

I applied a trace amount on the bottom lashes as well.

Both eyes together.

Overall, it adds length and keeps lashes separated which is nice.  I think it is pretty good.  Not my favorite of all time, but definitely gets the job done.  The brush doesn’t get overly packed with product and doesn’t take an excessive amount of wiping off before application.

The other great thing is that it is affordable and (somewhat) easily available.  Again, it is exclusive to Wal-Mart but stores stock on different schedules.  Some sell out more quickly than others.  Keep in mind you can always contact Hard Candy through their website to help you find a store that has their product available.  So add another bonus: great customer service.

Product provided for 100% honest review


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