Mattese Elite green foil nail polish

A few days ago you saw the pink foil nail polish from Mattese Elite and I promised you a follow-up post with the green foil – so here you go!!

It is called Macadamia Mosaic but it reminded me more of a pistachio or mint green.

You can click on all my photos to enlarge.  This is only two coats of Macadamia Mosaic to complete the manicure.

Up close this color is really cool.  It is like a mosaic of silver and green specks and from far away it just looks incredibly shiny like a tin foil effect but green in color.

I had no issues with formula, application, or dry time.  I’ve been mighty impressed with all of the Mattese Elite products and what is even more impressive is that they are affordable.  You can purchase Mattese Elite products from their own website or from a store called Rickys NYC which is going to be expanding.  If one ever opens up near me, my brain might explode.

There were some other colors in this collection that I bet my money on are equally fabulous.  If you’re a green girl though, this one is for you!

Product provided for 100% honest review


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