ocean scented holo glitter polish. oh yes they did!

Tuff Scent, I love you.

I grew up in Orange County, CA near the beach and have a deep admiration for anything holo.  (heck I even have holo tinsel in my hair)

Now these two beautiful phenomenons have been merged into a nail polish.  Brain = boom.

This genius product is called Stardust.

I used a single coat of Stardust over the top of NYC Blackula.

It really, no joke, smells like an ocean breeze.  Kind of salty, almost sandy and dirty – but brings in waves of memories with each sniff.

I took a few photos of different angles and lighting.  The glitter in this polish is micro silver glitter and then larger holo glitter.

I think this almost looks like glamorous sand.  Maybe it’s just me.

There’s your extreme close-up.  Dry time on the glitter was pretty gosh darn fast!

Stardust is part of the Tuff Scent Mineral Collection which is five gorgeous glitters, each with their own scent.  Obviously Stardust smells like the ocean.  The other scents are fig, plumeria, pear, and grapefruit.  That may be a really great appetite curb to smell food instead of eat it when you’re hungry?  Just a thought.  Another thought I had?  That these scented polishes would be a great assistance (possibly) to someone who has ahem… foot odor problems.  Not a bad idea eh?

Overall I think this is a really cool concept, I love the polish and the scents and there are so many that just intrigue me to no end.

Between the colors and the scents I may just have to eventually collect them all.

What do you think?  Would a scented polish be a turn off or turn on?  Have you tried these or any others?  Please share!  xoxo

Product provided for 100% honest review


3 thoughts on “ocean scented holo glitter polish. oh yes they did!

  1. Rebecca says:

    I haven’t tried these ones but I have tried others. I like them, but I am constantly smelling my fingers and know that it must look pretty damn weird when I do. 😛


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