NYC Halloween lipsticks & lipgloss swatches / review

I’ve been blessed enough to received one of each of the NYC Black Magic Halloween lipsticks and lip glosses.

Now you can see them before you buy!  🙂

These names are consistent for both the lipsticks and lip glosses.  They are color coded by sticker per the color of the product.

The white has a frosty glitter finish to it.  The red and black are cream.

Hand swatches.  You can see that Ghostly White actually appears a bit ghostly and sheer.  The red has amazing pigmentation both on the hand and the lip.  The black is a bit deceiving.

Ghostly White lipstick – makes me think it would go great with a good fairy costume?  Or a really sexy ghost!

I have to admit something.  I have always been scared and for no real reason at all – hated red lipstick.  I’ve officially converted.

Many women search their whole lives to find a shade of red that suits them depending on their skin tone.  Reds are weird they can turn your skin or your teeth much more yellow than they are in real life just because of the undertones in the red lipstick.  For some reason this one worked for me.  It felt great on my lips, too.

Another confession: I could not get the black lipstick on without making a ridiculous mess on my face.  I don’t know what the heck was wrong with me… so sorry, no lip photo.

Onto the lip glosses!

These all look really pigmented in their tubes but apply very sheer.  No hand swatches, I wanted to show you lip swatches instead.  Just keeping it real!!

Uh… totally shocked.  This is Ghostly White lip gloss!  It is sheer with some micro glitter packed in there.  Super cool.  I LOVE the texture on these glosses!!

We’re 2/2 – loving another red.  Mark your calendars. This is an exceptional event!

I just don’t think I’m cool enough to pull off anything black on my lips.  Sorry.  This swatch was a fail, too.

Overall – loved the whites and reds, confused about the blacks.  Not many women wear black lips on a regular basis and those who do could probably give me some pointers.  They make great holiday colors to accompany a costume and a few of them are just great for every day.  Halloween collections are limited editions and sell quickly.  Start stalking your local stores for this NYC collection so you don’t miss out if you see anything you like.  Now I’m curious, what do you think?  Ever wear a black lip?  Got any tips?  Please share!  xoxo

Products provided for 100% honest review


3 thoughts on “NYC Halloween lipsticks & lipgloss swatches / review

  1. Kate says:

    great review! i love the reds on you. i would love to see the glosses layered over the lipsticks! thank you again for bringing light to these awesome products:)


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