Fun with magnet polish!

OK I am having a little too much fun with this YouTube concept… I made a very short, quick (2 minute)  video to show you how I started the manicure that is posted at the bottom.  I actually paint and “design” two nails in the video using Layla Magneffects.  I’ve received three colors and used all three on one hand and they look really cool all worn together.  Please note that I have displayed some tips in the video that you may find to be very helpful to you during (and after) application.  Trust me, I had to apply three different times to really start getting the hang of it.

The brand is from Italy but there are some online boutiques that are selling them for $15.50 / bottle, which I think is absolutely fair priced considering you can have endless fun with this polish.  Literally just Google “Layla nail polish” go to the shopping link on the left and retailers will show up.  Simple as that.

The colors I received of the Magnetffect polish are: Gunmetal, Golden Nugget (which is totally olive green to me), and Purple Galaxy.  There are 12 colors in all!


Again, I highly suggest you watch my YouTube for tips on application… due to its ability to literally morph with the magnets it tends to be sensitive to other elements as I have noted in the video.  I’m giving this a shot to see how it is received by you, my readers and viewers.  Please tell me how you want to get this information if there is a format you prefer!!

I would appreciate if you “subscribe” to my YouTube channel while you are there visiting.  I’m planning on posting many more videos in conjunction with my blog posts!  xoxo

Product provided for 100% honest review


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