Zoya Mimi gets all dolled up with dots and bows

I had a sudden urge to re-visit this Zoya polish by the name of Mimi.  Fun, random fact for the day?  My dad and brothers call me Mimi!

Not long after I started my blog (almost a year ago my how time flies!) I swatched this polish but I’ve gotten much better at photographing so I’m giving it another go.

Ah, so pretty…

The color reminds me of mine in a weird way.

It’s kind of dark yet bright at the same time.  Kind of jelly, kind of sparkly, and kind of changes colors depending on the light surrounding it.

It layers crazy good.

The first coat you start wondering if you’ll need 4 or 5 because it’s got almost sheer jelly base.  Then by your second coat you realize you don’t even really need a third.

The biggest reason for my pulling this color out of my stash was I have been super curious how it would look with some stamping over the top.

Of course when I speak about how my photography was getting better – the color on this came out warped… lol

I used two different Konad plates

Image plate M59 was used to get the polka dotted bows on two of my fingers.

Then I used image plate M79 for the polka dots on my 3 other nails of the hand.

The polish used for stamping was Sally Hansen quick dry nail pen polish in Purple Chrome.  It came out looking much more silver.

Every time I pull out my stamping stuff my brain starts flooding with ideas.

More to come soon!



2 thoughts on “Zoya Mimi gets all dolled up with dots and bows

  1. bellabeauty says:

    I love the way your nails came out, there so pretty. I keep hearing about this konad designs lately. I’ve never heard of them before until recently. Where can you buy them?


    • beautybesties says:

      I bought some of my Konad plates at a local mall they (had) a cart but not anymore. Ebay you can find them for cheap and a much more affordable version is called Bundle Monster – give them a try! Google it 😉


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