Juice Beauty conditioning lip color

Here is the first review of the many products I received from my VoxBox.

I’ve reviewed Juice Beauty lip glosses in the past and truly liked them a lot, so I had pretty high expectations for this lip color.

I already liked the packaging.  A nice sleek tube.  Usually I have difficulty applying lipstick because they are so wide.

The color is fig.  Almost true to the food in hue.

Even though it is a darker toned lip color, it applied a bit sheer.  I’m not a huge fan of darker colors, but I am a fan of the formula of this lip color.

It felt like I was rubbing conditioner into my lips as it glided on.  Effortlessly and cleanly applied to my lips. Probably because it is packed with minerals and berries!

Juice Beauty lip glosses come in a variety of colors.  It also comes in pink and I would much prefer it to the fig but that could just be me because I lean towards neutral lips.

They retail for $18 and I think it is an acceptable price to ask the same money you would spend on any other name brand, simply for the fact of having natural ingredients.

Learn more about Juice Beauty and purchase here.

Product provided for 100% honest review

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