Teddy bear nail art !!!

I have been inspired by the insanely adorable and talented cutepolish.  I watched her panda bear tutorial and suddenly realized that I didn’t have to interpret the video literally.  So I went for a brown bear.  Because I love the office, and whenever I think about the word “bear” I think about when Jim is impersonating Dwight and asking him which is better the brown bear or the black bear.  Anyways, it took me a good 30 minutes or so to complete all of my nails.  I was scared of how my right hand would turn out because I’m not great at keeping my left hand steady, but it turned out SO cute!!

Ahhh… I LOVE THEM!!  Makes me feel like a kid again 😀

Here is what I used:

Nails Inc – Lanesborough Place as my base color, OPI Get in the Expresso Lane as the main color of the bear and pupils, OPI A-Taupe the Space Needle as my accent color, and Konad white for the backs of the eyes.  I used an extra small gel liner brush (make-up brush) for the shape of his head, just a half circle.  Then I used the non brush end of a thin paint brush (the end that you would normally hold, that is round at the end for the bigger dots.  The smaller dots I used a bobby pin, because I do not have a dotting tool.

What do you think?  Too cutesy for you?

The thing I love most is that you can make other kinds of bears – pink or blue bears for maybe a baby shower mani, turn it into Mickey Mouse, a bunny, whatever floats your boat!

Also, now that I know I can use all these other objects for dotting tools my brain is going nuts.  This is going to be so much fun!

Have fun painting!  xoxo


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