easy floral nail art

Alright, so ever since I did my teddy bear nail art I posted the other day I started thinking about all of the cool things I can do for nail art’s sake, with a bobby pin.

Today’s example is simple floral nail art.

At first when I did them I was kind of surprised they came out that neat for my first shot at it.  Then I was even more shocked that every person that commented on my nails asked me where I got my nail stickers.  After I corrected them saying they weren’t, they instantly said “where did you go to have someone paint them then?”  Again, I didn’t… then I would throw out this line to them, “I did it with a bobby pin.”  Then that look would come over their face like, “whaaa?”  The most fun reaction?  My husband.  Literally had to prove to him by showing him how I did it.  He was totally convinced it was a sticker.  Too cool!  Plus, it is super duper easy and you don’t need any fancy tools to do it.

If you have nail polish and a bobby pin you’re golden.

What I used:

Nails Inc – Wellington Square as my base color.  Jessica Cosmetics – Pretty in Purple for my flower petals.  Milani – Yellow Whiz for the flower centers.

I painted the base color all over the nail and let it dry.  Then I got a piece of cardboard (from an old box) and dabbed some Pretty in Purple onto the cardboard.  Then I used the bobby pin, dabbed it into the color and dotted onto my nails.  Really I just did 5 dots in a circular pattern for the petals.  They don’t have to be perfect because when I went back to add my dot of Yellow Whiz you can cover up any gaps or imperfections.  That center just brings them all together and creates your cute little flower.

In the end it probably took me about 30 minutes or so for the entire manicure, and it was worth every second.  I’m looking forward to trying out more “bobby pin manicures” and repeating this one with different color combinations.  Give it a try, it is a lot of fun!  Let me know what you think if you’ve tried it or how it went after you try it!


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