AVON ANEW solar advance sunscreen

I never leave home without being protected by sun screen.  Here is the newest one I got to try!

I burn really easily on top of the fact that I am heavily tattooed I use A LOT of sunscreen.  I also have a little one who is also fair skinned so that amount is doubled.

This is an SPF 30 body lotion.  It is on the thick side so if you are dry skinned then it will take some rubbing to get the lotion to sink in.

Overall I like it because it does moisturize my dry skin, it also protects.  Normally I wear a higher SPF because I am incredibly paranoid but I like the formula.

I also like that they make a separate higher SPF face lotion and an SPF spray.  Another thing that I love is that it includes ingredients that make skin appear tighter and firmer.

…And it is water resistant.

The downside?  It is $34 per bottle but if I were to spend money on both a good SPF product and a good skin firming cream then it isn’t that bad when those factors are considered.

If you’re not looking to get a double action product (SPF and toning cream) then this isn’t really a priority for you.  However AVON makes a variety of other SPF products if that is all you are looking for, as well as separate toning products.  That is the great thing about AVON there is really something for everyone!

Product provided for 100% honest review


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