Kat Von D Poetica palette swatches/review/looks

Oooh I was so giddy when I saw that three new Kat Von D palettes were released.  I got all 3!  I’m starting off with Poetica.

For any of you who owned the previous Kat Von D palettes, you know they were plastic with a screen printed design on them.  The cases have been upgraded to an embossed metal.

Here are our colors.  I heard some may be dupes in other palettes or repeats, but they are new to me so I’m happy.

The colors from left to right: forgiveness, sand timer, chandler, Tijuana, underworld, shiba, babe, you alone.

This new case is nicely hinged and very well put together.  There is a nice large mirror in the top half for application.  The old palettes came with tiny applicators but they’ve been replaced:

now they come with a smaller sized autograph pencil (eye liner) in Puro Amor, a soft black liner.

Puro amor swatch.

hand swatches of the palette – no flash.

colors top row: forgiveness, sand timer, chandler, Tijuana

bottom row: underworld, shiba, babe, you alone

I really thought in the case that forgiveness and you alone would be really similar but they truly are not.  Underworld applies much more iridescent, which is awesome.

same swatches – with flash.

Now onto two looks I did – each using one row of the swatches above.

Look # 1

I used forgiveness on the innermost corner of the eye and under the brow, chandler in the crease of my upper lid and lining my bottom lashes

then I followed up with Tijuana in the outer corner of the eyes, and sand timer to blend them all together a bit.

I lined the upper lid with Puro Amor and used Hard Candy Lashaholic mascara.

Now onto look # 2 using the other half of the palette…

Hello!  Holy purple.

For this look I used the same techniques.  You alone was on the inner most corner of the eye, babe is on my lids and lining the bottom lashes.

Next I moved on and added shiba in the crease of my lids and underworld on the outer corners.  Then I went back and blended it all together with a little more of babe.

Again I lined with Puro Amor liner and used Hard Candy Lashaholic mascara.  Both looks I used Smashbox photo finish primer – just FYI.

I’m loving this palette.  Both sides can absolutely be used and combined in a ton of ways.  You can go kind of Fall themed and basic like the first look or more bold like the second.

Here’s a video I made that includes a third look!

It’s all up to you how you make it work!  That’s the beauty of these palettes.  lovelovelove.

These are available now through Sephora online or in stores.  I have to suggest in store though, because the first one I ever bought online arrived cracked and was a mess…

Luckily they have a great return/exchange policy.  Just sayin’!

Have you bought this palette?  What are your fave combos?  This wasn’t for you?  Which KVD palette is YOU?


Product provided for 100% honest review


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