DIY – evil eye nail art

With all of these dotted nail art adventures I’ve taken over the past week or so, it dawned on me I could put on my nails what I’ve been seeing on lots of jewelry lately: evil eyes.

This was a one shot deal for me.  I didn’t “practice” it before hand.  Just kind of went with the idea.  You can spend more time on it for a cleaner effect…

To do it I used several household tools (at least they’re household to me) to make the different sized dots, and used 4 different polish colors.  A dark blue, baby blue, black and white.

I’ve chosen to do the art over a nude toned nail polish.  You can choose whatever color combinations make you happy.

The YouTube video is my tutorial that walks you through the whole thing.

Maybe an entire manicure out of this is a bit much.  This would be a really neat accent nail, don’t you think?


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