Sally Hansen natural beauty sheerest cream blush

Today I have for you a Sally Hansen first (for me!)  I’ve been a LONG time fan of What Not to Wear.

Literally watched, listen, prayed, dreamed that one day Clinton Kelly would come fix my wardrobe and Carmindy to teach me to do make-up.

Now I figured out how to do make-up.  So I can do that part on my own… (I still need Clinton’s help, though!)

Since I can do my own make-up these days I get to experiment with new products.

Sally Hansen teamed up with Carmindy from What Not To Wear and started a “natural” line of cosmetics.

They call this new product Sheer Cream Blush.  The color is called Beaming.

It is SUPER silky in texture and also super sheer.  I’m so used to crazy pigmented powder blushes like Illamasqua now that I felt a little ripped off when I went to apply it.

The good thing is you are able to build color, so you can go back and apply more if you want a more flushed look to your cheeks.  The reality is – that it is sheer, so you are not going to get a huge color pay-off with this product.  For the natural girl who totally wants that looking put together without looking like you’re wearing make-up “look” this is ideal.  It is not cakey or greasy, it effortlessly adds a little color to wherever you apply it.

You can click to enlarge this photo  to see how the color applied to my skin tone.

I’ve seen the displays at drug stores and the products are quite affordable.  Browse your local shops to see what they have!

Have you seen these in stores before?  Which ones?  Tried this or any other Carmindy products?  Fill me in – post in the comments!

Product provided for 100% honest review


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