Rsession tools pin-up girl kit

With Rsession Tools Pin Up Girl Kit anyone is able to create runway ready chignons, ponytails, and voluminous hairstyles at home! The chic and tré s portable kit includes the appropriate, hard to find pins, elastics, clips, styling brush, and the all important hair bun, in an easy-to-carry and easy-to-pack bag, along with a step by step instruction booklet.

Available in brown, black and blond, and priced at $21.99, this is an item that you can’t afford not to own!

Top New York based hairstylists and creators of Rsession Tools, Kevin Ryan and Frank Rizzieri are no strangers to the catwalks and red carpets, working with top celebrities, designers
and models for over 20 years. The Rsession Tools Pin Up Girl Kit is the first product of the duo’s Runway Series which was created to give everyone their ‘secrets’ and the ability to create
trendy styles on their own for a fraction of the cost of going to a salon.
Rsession Tools Pin Up Girl Kit $21.99
Available at,; Rizzieri Salons Ricky’s NYC
Store Locations and East Coast Salon Services.


I received this kit to try for myself.  I’d actually requested it, after I read the press info above.  I really thought it would provide to me the tools I need to create new looks.  Unfortunately it did not include one important tool, PATIENCE.  Holy crap I got so frustrated using this kit.  I’m a complete novice to hairstyling.  All I know is how to straighten my hair or let it dry naturally and let it curl.  I had super high hopes that I would just magically get my hair into that cool up-do on the far right on the front of the package.  No way Jose.  Not even close.  The hair bands slid out of my hair.  The bun clip fell off of my ponytail.  My hair wasn’t long enough to cover it so it just looked ridiculous on me.  I have a feeling if I took this kit to my hairstylist at my next appointment she could show me how to really use it, because she is awesome.  But for a total newbie like me it was not a win.  Plus there were no instructions, I had to download them off the internet.  Graphics were cool but I just couldn’t figure it out.  Super bummer.  Do not let my review discourage you because you may be more savvy with hairstyling than I.  Good luck, I hope you have a good hair day!

Product provided for 100% honest review


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