Kat Von D Sinner palette

This is my first confused review about a Kat Von D palette.  This is the fourth one I have tried.  Why am I confused, you ask?  Because there is not a lot of variety in this case.

The case itself is gorgeous.  I totally want a purse that looks like this.

Got that, Kat?  Make handbags.  Affordable ones.  Because your clothes look rad but I will never spend $400 on a coat!

Some of these colors were in my Adora palette, so that was also kind of a bummer.

Pro: no more wonky brushes! Replaced with Kat Von D liner, which is fantastic.

Con: receiving this via mail is horrid.  This one does not look nearly as bad as my Saint palette which my wonderful husband spent over a half hour trying to clean them.

hand swatches – applied wet, with flash

hand swatches – applied wet, without flash

Here lies my confusion – hand swatches, applied exactly like the ones above.

Uhh WTF is the difference between these four colors?  Nothing drastic enough to need four of them in one palette!

Sorry, these four aren’t even worth another photo opp.

Looks kinda like the same look I did with my Adora palette.

OK.  I figured I would try another look… let’s see how that turned out…

So for this I used the other side of the palette, the pinks and purples… and it looked almost exactly the same.  What the hell!

The only cool part was that putting some of Disco Dust over the top of the other colors looked neat.  That’s about it, though.

The best part of this palette is – I made a really cool video!  I’m getting so much better at this YouTube thing.  Check it out!!

Love you long time, Kat.  Even though I kind of hate this palette.



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