It Cosmetics Brow Power Lift Anti-Aging Dual End Pencil

“This is truly a power-packed pencil of light that you can use to make your brows and many other areas of your face appear lifted and illuminated! The micronized silk pigments glide on and reflect light without any shimmer or glitter, so this innovative pencil works on all skin types, including mature skin, which is really important to me! One of my favorite ways to use it is right in the center of a fine or deep line or wrinkle. Just glide the pencil right into the deepest part and it instantly makes the wrinkle look pulled out and erased! Plus, it’s packed with skin-loving ingredients that go to work for younger-looking skin!”

—Jamie Kern Lima, It Cosmetics creator

I am lucky enough to have tried (and loved) this product.  I’ve been hooked on It Cosmetics ever since my first shipment of Bye Bye Under Eye and Bye Bye Pores.  Now I have even more reason to obsess.

Bonus number one for me:  double sided.  One side is for covering imperfections or filling in my newly defined wrinkles (thank you thirties.)  The other side is this amazing highlight that has a touch of shimmer that brightens up any eye.  Literally fantastic super duper like, woah.  Yes.  It is that good that I couldn’t figure out any other way to state it.

Bonus number two for me: It came with a sharpener.  I hate buying anything that is a pencil because I always think I have a pencil sharpener at home that I can use with the product then it turns out I can’t.  Then for some reason I can never remember to purchase a sharpener.  But now, I don’t even have to think about it.  Sweet!

It doesn’t make the lines in my forehead disappear, but it definitely makes them a lot less obvious.  Thank God.  Not only is it a great product, it is super easy to throw in your bag and travel.

Retails for $24 and is worth every penny.  Boom.

I’m asking for a back-up in my stocking stuffer!

Product provided for 100% honest review


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