Shea Terra Organics Banana & Baobabs (oh so luxurious) Whipped Shea Butter Cream

My skin is ridiculously dry.  Which is insane considering the amount of water I drink everyday.  Anyways.  No lotions ever really seemed to work.  They would sink in, then pretty much disappear only to leave my skin looking and feeling dry again.  When I received this  Shea Terra Organics Banana & Baobabs (oh so luxurious) Whipped Shea Butter Cream I was excited.  Because it reminded me of my pregnancy.  Random?  No…

I used a special belly butter to protect my stomach tattoo from stretch marks.  It too was organic and was shea butter.  But this one may have surpassed its excellence.  That belly butter didn’t do much for the rest of my body, even though I slathered it everywhere.  This one has made a drastic improvement to the overall moisture of my skin with just a few uses!  I like to apply it right as I’m toweled off and out of the shower, to let it really sink in.  24 hours later, I still feel silky smooth.  What a fabulous feeling.

This particular Bananas & Baobabs cream is blended with natural banana extract, baobab oil and organic shea butter.  It smells like a vacation and has given my skin a special vacation.  What I’ve noticed it does in addition to moisturizing, is it heals rashes.  Sometimes I randomly get these scratch attacks on my legs that result in crazy hives and red patches.  As soon as I get the urge to itch, I apply a small dollop of the cream and I am healed.  Miracle product.  For real.

It is stated to be good for scaling skin, stretch marks, and other skin conditions.  There are 8 combinations of the whipped shea butter including the Bananas & Baobabs, Pink Guavas & Pomegranates, Menthe Cardamom, Mango, Marula (which is supposed to smell like butter pecan!), Bourbon Vanilla (sign me up), Cape Chamomile, and Cape Lavender.  Each product is $18 and worth the splurge.  Your best bet may be to research these products and the other amaze products this company makes @

After staring at their website for a good amount of time, I’m pretty convinced I need to try at least one of everything.  Including the chocolate.  OMG.


Product provided for 100% honest review


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