renovation reality nails

My poor hands have taken a beating for the last 72 hours.  Between the cleaning chemicals, paint, and lack of moisture from feeling disgusting and washing my hands 1000x my hands look horrible.  That, and my nails are total nubs.  But I never let that stop me from painting them or taking photos.  So in advance I apologize for the poor state that my hands are in but I want to show you one of the new Nicole by OPI Kardashian colors I am wearing today.

It was very cold and windy but very bright out today.  I’m testing out different lighting areas for my blog now that I have all this space to work with!

This photo is inside, in the kitchen.  It is a mix of manufactured and natural lighting.  Same for the next photo…

The color itself is a hot pink.  Very cute and girly but could potentially be annoying for those of you that love polish but not in a Barbie kind of way.

Like most Nicole by OPI polishes, it applied near perfect – in 2 coats.

This color is called All Kendall-ed up!

I’ve got this entire collection to finish swatching – and the Muppets collection, too!  Stay tuned… I’m working on it!


Product provided for 100% honest review


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