I’m asking YOU for hair help!

Help me out hair gurus.  Or at least point me in the right direction…

I’ve recently received a curling iron and I have never, ever used one before in my entire life.  Not only am I intimidated by it because I’ve never used one, it has no clip thing?  So I need to wear a glove so I don’t burn myself.

Please give me tips, advice, etc.  My hair is just past shoulder length.  The barrel is a 25 mm…

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!  xoxo


2 thoughts on “I’m asking YOU for hair help!

  1. Sandie Frakes says:

    it came with a glove? hmmmm. i have a traditional curling iron, and i don’t use the clip on it. typically, i just hold the barrel about half-inch or so from my scalp, and just twist my hair around it. you get loose, beachy curls like that.


  2. Britt says:

    Curl your hair away from for scalp for voluminous curls, and roll it up toward your head for pretty definition. Also, use heat protectant! Curling irons can be just as damaging as flat irons!

    Have fun!


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