Not so Kim-pletely in Love…

Sorry to make a horrible joke out of the name of this polish and her current status.  This polish from Nicole by OPI is from the Kardashian collection.

The color is a sheer pink, iridescent with opal flakes.  It needs plenty of dry time in between layering or else it gathers and goops.

This manicure was three layers, applied very quickly on top of one another – so it got a bit thick to quick.

It reminds me of my ballet slippers from when I was really young.  Only how I wish they really were in color.  Now if dance shoes were opalescent then I may still be dancing.

I actually really adore the color.  I cannot say that I am a huge fan of the TV show or celebrity, however, I never wish for anyone’s life to fall apart in front of the entire world.

My heart goes out to you, Kim.  I hope that one day you find true love!

Product provided for 100% honest review


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