The Breakthrough: Advance Techniques 3D Rescue Treatment seeks out damage and goes below the surface to infuse moisture and strengthen hair from within. 360 Repair Technology repairs damage on every dimension – surface, core and ends.  Avon’s exclusive formula with fortifying nutrients targets all three types of damage caused by mechanical, chemical and thermal styling. 3D Rescue Treatment instantly repairs split ends.


The Concept: Nobody wakes up with salon-perfect hair: Styling takes time—and takes a toll. Over the course of one year, the average woman will devote 10 whole days (240 hours) to her styling routine, with most of that time spent damaging her hair. From curling and blow drying, to straightening and coloring, the styling damage builds up over timeleaving hair dull and lifeless. Avon developed new Advance Techniques 3D Rescue Leave-In Treatment to reverse the effects of over-styling, repairing three years of damage in just three days. 


The Results: In just three days, three years of hair damage is repaired. Hair looks and feels stronger, healthier, and instantly softer with 10x less breakage.[i] After one use, 91% of split ends are instantly repaired.


Fergie Says: “Whether I’m on tour or at a photo shoot, my hair is constantly being styled. Advance Techniques 3D Rescue fixes that damage and keeps my hair from breaking – it looks and feels so much smoother and healthier .”


PRICE: $9.99


AVAILABLE: September 2011


WHERE TO BUY: Available exclusively through Avon Representatives. To locate an Avon Representative call 1-800-FOR-AVON or visit


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