NOPI – Follow Me On Glitter

This polish in short: is to die for.

Never in many lifetimes over again would I think that I could ever possibly say that about anything that had any part of the Kardashian’s.

These femme fatales have never done anything personally against me, I just never thought their lifestyle could somehow translate into my own.

Somehow, they managed to sneak into my life (and my heart a bit) with this crazy ass polish.

The base is almost a charcoal jelly with tons of micro silver glitter.  Then there are larger multi-colored glitters layered within the polish itself.

You can layer this polish over other polishes.  It would probably look really cool over a flat or slick black polish.  I layered it over itself, several times over.  4 times total.

These photos were taken on “smart” mode with my camera, inside.

Which resulted in the flash going off, which I appreciated because otherwise you couldn’t really pick up much on the multi-colored glitters.

One more shot.

This photo is indoors, without a flash – standard room lighting.  This is what the manicure will look like sitting at your desk with a ceiling light, etc.

Overall I think this polish is subtle enough for it to look nice but also crazy enough for it to be party appropriate.

Totally excited to have this polish in my collection.

Does this one catch your eye?  Or any of the other Nicole by OPI Kardashian colors?  Share in the comments!

Product provided for 100% honest review


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