Make-up room renovation

Luckily, I have an awesome husband who can do and build and fix anything.

When we bought our house, it was vandalized right before we moved in and we got stuck with fixing it back up.

Thankfully they really only attacked one bedroom and it turns out that my love said I should turn it into a make-up room!!

I have to admit, it looked really bad.  Brown paint thrown onto white walls and carpet, etc.

So far we (I should say he more than we) have really fixed it up!

There is no flooring yet since we ripped out the nasty carpet.  But I decided on “Happily Ever After” as my wall color because I love Disney and it is a great fuschia.

The desk is temporary because he has plans to build me a make-up counter that goes from wall to wall with drawers, etc.  But that is down the road a bit.

That cool canvas art is from Ikea – only $10!

My nail polish rack.  Not big enough for everything.  But a cool design.  Found this at Lowes!

The room is so bright I can hardly get a picture.  lol

He hung a shelving unit so I can actually see everything I have instead of have it stacked in drawers.

Yay!  I can see all of my favorite eye shadows!

So obviously I have a way to go until it is complete but I can’t wait until it is done.  Its just really neat seeing it slowly come together.  I love him so much!!

Expect new YouTube videos coming soon… I’m feeling inspired!!!



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