AVON 3D Rescue Review

Instantly repairs 3 types of damage: CHEMICAL (color treatments, perms) THERMAL (blow dryers, curling irons MECHANICAL (combing and brushing) 3D Rescue targets hair’s most damaged areas, strengthening hair’s internal structure, instantly mending split ends and nourishing hair from within. With fortifying nutrients. Targets damage and instantly repairs split ends. For dry or damaged hair. 3.4 fl. oz.

I tried this product two different ways: once as a leave-in conditioner to “naturally” style my natural curls and repeatedly as a leave-in after showers for when I do my flat ironing.  It honestly worked great both ways.  When using it for my natural curls it made them manageable.  My hair curled consistently (which is rare) and did not over-frizz.  Then when I use it as a leave-in for my flat iron styling it really gave my hair some extra shine and helped it have a little more life than usual.

This could be a great product for people that color their hair, or just really love leave-in conditioners like I do.

Its regular AVON price is $12 which is quite reasonable for a high quality product that really works.

Product provided for 100% honest review


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