China Glaze – Material Girl

Eye Candy.  Who doesn’t love it?

This polish is ridiculous.  Ridiculously fabulous!

It is a sheer pink base with small pink glitter and larger pink sequin shaped holo(ish) glitters.  To die for.  Seriously.

I wore two coats of Material Girl over a grey polish just to see what it looks like.   Came out pretty neat!  Layered a single coat over the top of a nail decal too (the leopard)

What do you think?

This is part of the China Glaze Eye Candy collection.  I’m loving it and wanting the rest!

Did you get any of these goodies?  Do share!!

Product provided for 100% honest review


5 thoughts on “China Glaze – Material Girl

  1. Denise Shively says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE that color! I don’t have any of the Eye Candy shades, but I may have to track Material Girl down after seeing it on your nails. It’s absolutely stunning.


  2. Rebecca says:

    Love this one! As soon as my hubby’s massage business gets up and running and I’ve got some extra money to spend, these babies will be mine! I’m not a huge fan of glitter removal but it’s so pretty that it’s worth it!


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