Deborah Lippmann Shake Your Groove Thing

Oh, Deborah Lippmann… how I love you.  So petite and fun just like the perfect combination of yourself into a bottle.

Super excited I got the chance to try out another holiday polish of hers!

If you haven’t noticed yet all of her polishes are named after songs!  I love it.  The soundtrack of our lives.

This polish is a clear base with large gold hexagonal glitter.

I applied two coats over my Dior orange.  One coat I applied like a regular coat of polish.  The second I strategically placed at the tip of my nail for more coverage.

I’m absolutely loving this manicure.  So glam.

May just be how I ring in 2012!

The glitters are $18 / each.  But for special occasions I say they’re worth the splurge.

What is your favorite Deborah Lippmann shade?  Is there a holiday polish or color you can’t live without?


Product provided for 100% honest review


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