AVON holiday 2011 palette

I was super excited when I received this AVON holiday 2011 palette.

So dainty – it fits in the palm of your hand.

Not so dainty when you open it up because it is packed with goodness.

Inside is four lip glosses, 1 blusher/highlighter, and 8 eye shadows in awesome colors that can be used together in a ton of different ways.

I did three different looks.  So happily surprised at how fabulously pigmented the pinks were.

These palettes are so perfect for traveling or on the go touch-ups.

AVON, thinking of it all – as per usual.

Unfortunately I think this one sold out but keep your eyes on their website, they are constantly adding new and great things!

Many things for yourself and your gift recipients.  Fabulous.


Product provided for 100% honest review


2 thoughts on “AVON holiday 2011 palette

  1. Rebecca says:

    That’s really pretty! I haven’t had the greatest luck with Avon shadows being very pigmented so it’s nice to see that these ones are. I like the colors!


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