Zoya True / Bevin and Zoya Fleck swatches

From the Zoya True, Spring 2012 collection I bring you Bevin (ZP587): Full coverage, pale sage green cream

*you can click on the images below to enlarge them*

I love greens!  Green is my favorite color in the whole world.  These milky, dusty, muted greens just warm my heart.  This polish is fabulous and reminds me a tad of OPI Mermaid Tears but I think this one is a touch more muted.  Seriously, I love this color.  I already want to put it back on my fingers and my toes.

This is two coats and it dried really fast.

Here is Bevin with all three Fleck colors over the top.

·           Maisie (ZP582): Blue tint with mylar green fleck effect

·           Opal (ZP583): Green tint with mylar green fleck effect

·           Chloe (ZP584): Pink tint with mylar green and gold fleck effect

I’ve done the same thing here as in my Zoya Cho post – the image of the Fleck bottles has a nail with Bevin and that particular Fleck over the top of it right below.

The Fleck collection over Bevin really transforms it into different colored polish overall.  The biggest transformation is with Chloe – it turns it a purple/gray with flakes.  Crazy.

Out of these particular options I can’t pick a favorite.  I love all of the combos and will be wearing each one again very soon!

Flecks are new to me so I am having a blast with this…

Stay tuned – I will be doing this with the rest of the Zoya True collection!


Product provided for 100% honest review


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