Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune and BPS striped manicure

Hello!  Today I have for you some of my favorite things to share – affordable beauty!

This post is all about a new Wet n Wild polish I got called Teal of Fortune.

In the bottle it has this great fleck glitter within it and I kept hoping it would translate to the nail… and it did!  Woohoo!

As you can see above I did photos in direct sunlight and indoors which I named “shade.”  Inside it has a much richer jewel tone to it.  In the light it is lighter and brighter.

I had to use three coats as it applied much more sheer than I had anticipated.  Even after three coats there was a tiny bit of VNL (visible nail nail) but not horrible.

It really is a “fast dry” polish.  There wasn’t even a need for me to use one of my quick dry top coats.  Did the job all on its own.

These polishes are less than $3 each and are available at a wide variety of drug and super stores.

To learn more about Wet n Wild polishes visit their website.

…and since I can’t leave things alone…

I added some nail tape criss-cross on alternating nails, along with my Tuff Scent Ocean Breeze scented holo glitter.

Now it really looks like a hidden treasure to me.

The nail tape was provided to me by Born Pretty Store and is available in a wide range of color choices!!


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