Hard Candy flavored lip gloss ring

This was a random, yet awesome score from Wal-mart a few weeks back.  I found it as I was in the check-out line for a whopping 50cents!

These flavored lip gloss rings were sold individually for $1 during the holiday or as a  4 or 5 piece gift set.  What a cute gift, hello!!!

This flavor is peppermint, my favorite.  Especially for the lips.  Even more so when I don’t have a piece of gum handy…

It is a sheer pink base gloss scattered glitter throughout.  The glitters are kind of holo like the glossaholic gloss!  Awesome!

Plus it is super cute.  It’s a ring.  So it is not only a beauty accessory, but a fashion accessory.

Seriously, stalk Wal-mart next holiday season.  Hard Candy always has the cutest affordable gifts for your friends – – or yourself!  😉

There’s actually some on eBay right now selling for $5!  Dang did I score or what!!

Hard Candy makes really cool products.  For real.  I hear rumors they are coming out with some new stuff really soon.  Yay!!

Check out their website for more information about the brand.

Did anyone else score their holiday goodies?  Tell me in the comments!!

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2 thoughts on “Hard Candy flavored lip gloss ring

  1. Denise Shively says:

    I like a lot of Hard Candy products but I don’t go to Walmart very often at all. Since you say they’re coming out with new products, though, I may have to start stalking them to see what I can pick up!


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