Bath & Body Works Aruba Coconut review

Bath & Body Works has a new signature collection!  I was so excited when I got the information about it!!!

Although the weather is chilly, get in the tropical state of mind with Bath & Body Works Island Paradise Signature Collection featuring Aruba Coconut, Rio Rumberry and Bali Mango.
I got sent a sample of Aruba Coconut lotion… and OMG…
Aruba Coconut
o        Top Notes: Juicy Thai Mango, Fuji Apple, White Nectarine
o        Mid Notes: Passionflower, Vanilla Orchid, Casaba Melon
o        Dry Notes: Coconut Cream, Tahitian Vanilla, Indonesian Sandalwood
I applied some of this lotion for the first time day before yesterday.
Get this… my husband walked by the bedroom and said, “did you get a new candle?  no?  what smells so good?  really it’s lotion?  get a candle of that!!”
Yeah, it smells that yummy.
It is your standard B&BW lotion consistancy.  Silky and sinks right into your skin leaving you smelling like heaven.
Here is the official image of the bottle:
I have to admit, I felt really lucky to try this out before it was even in its official packaging.  Now it is pretty much my mission in life to get my hands on the rest of this collection.
The other featured scents in the collection are:
Rio Rumberry
  • Top Notes: Thai Papaya, Tangelo, Fresh Coconut Water, Sparkling Summer Lemon
  • Mid Notes: Tiare Flower Plumeria, Watery Starfruit
  • Dry Notes: Coconut Cream, Tahitian Vanilla, Indonesian Sandalwood


Bali Mango
  • Top: Sparkling Tangerine, Asian Apple, Peony
  • Mid Notes: Thai Lychee, Passion Flower, Pink Rose, Nectarine
  • Dry Notes: Raspberry Coulis, Skin Musk, Sugar Woods

So basically, Bath & Body Works is transporting our every day lives into an amazing tropical scented vacation.  I’m officially in love.  I’ll be on a vacation.  At work.  Every day.

Body Lotion ($11), Shower Gel ($11), Fragrance Mist ($12.50) Triple Moisture Body Cream ($12.50), Glowing Body Scrub ($14),
Bath & Body Works and
Who else loves BBW?  Raise your hands!  Leave a comment!  I want to know what your most favorite BBW scent/product is.   xoxo
Product provided for 100% honest review

3 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Aruba Coconut review

  1. sheerglitz says:

    Ooh I love summery scents! I rarely go into Bath & Body Works (i think im scarred from my mom spending hours in there when I was a kid and it was “boring” at the time), but now I may have to. Thanks!!


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