New OPI polish preview and interview with Suzi

I’m really kind of at a loss for words considering the experience I had the day I met Suzi.

Never in a million years did I think my blog would even have followers, let alone get the opportunity to meet the OPI nail Goddess Suzi Weiss-Fischmann who is the Executive Vice President and Artist Director of OPI.  Not just a handshake and kind words, but an actual sit-down interview…

She was open to answering my questions, and even had a few for me!  At the end of the post you will see photos of the newest OPI products!

I asked her where she gets her inspiration from and she shared all about her passion for fashion and color.  Mentioning that Milan and Paris are actually years ahead with their fashion forecasts so she follows that lead for color palettes, fabrics, and textures.

Since Suzi is a fan of all these things, she often redecorates her own house!  Her family may come home and find that the furniture and decor is ever-changing.

Suzi noted that she recently watched the most recent Chanel runway show and blues are back!  Which is good because they’re featured in a beautiful muted way via the Holland Collection.  Just when we think blues are out, they are right back in!  The great thing about blue is the variety of shades – you can be bright, vampy, pastel, or muted.

Another big color for this season is orange, which is also featured in the Holland collection.

Why Holland?  For OPI collections Suzi likes to pick one or two geographic locations to focus on.

I will be swatching the minis as soon as possible, and doing a follow-up post on them!

The Holland collection is due out next week!

Since there are three different OPI: OPI, Nicole by OPI, and Sephora by OPI I inquired as to what is the story behind each line.  The main point she made is that OPI is a trusted brand that women want to have readily available.  Not always can they be directed to a salon to purchase items (even though this is being updated on their site, soon) but Nicole by OPI is available at several locations and is easily accessible for the woman on the go.  However, Nicole by OPI does typically attract a younger audience that enjoys things like larger glitters.  Then there is Sephora by OPI.  Sephora is the US beauty destination, and the Sephora shopper is a beauty guru.  So naturally, she needs a trusted polish at her fingertips while she is frequenting the store.

The next topic was how to give yourself a good manicure at home.

Suzi mentioned the various treatments that OPI have available that play a big role in the at home mini – manicure process.  She recommends always using a base coat, then two coats of color, topped off with a clear coat.  For the base coat she says some may need or want to use one that also doubles as a ridge filler which will make your mani appear much smoother.   Every two or three days apply a clear coat, which will extend your wear time and keep you glossy!  Filing in one direction is important, as is caring for your cuticles.

The cuticle oil to go was another gift from Suzi.  I’m not ashamed to admit that my cuticles need a little more love, and this is going to take care of that!

Now, I think you all know that the Nicki Minaj collection is out already.  It’s fabulous, fun, vibrant and more.

These minis are lined up for swatches too, I promise!

The last thing Suzi shared with me that she is very excited about is her new gel line.  What makes OPI’s different?

Kicking off with 28 of iconic OPI shades to choose from that will last for weeks.  Gel manicures are great for women who need their manicures to last a few weeks.  Maybe they travel often or are athletic. The OPI gels are cured for 30 seconds with LED lights and are easily removed with acetone wraps for each individual nail.  Again, the OPI website will be updated soon with a more current list of salons that offer this service.  I know I’ll be checking back to see when there is one near me because I am dying to try it.

Sorry the color is off in the photos – I must have had my camera on the wrong setting from when I was inside of the convention.

Overall it was quite an informative and amazing day (topped off with the half hour with Suzi!)

Many thanks to her dedication to keeping us all beautiful!  Keep up the amazing work Suzi!

Visit the OPI website to learn more about Suzi and OPI products.


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