Orly Cool Romance swatches and DIY heart nail art how-to

Who’s ready for Winter to be over?  Or at least ready for some Spring-time colors?  I am!

I was totally giddy and inspired when I saw the soft sweet delicate romantic shades from Orly 2012 Spring collection called Cool Romance.

This was a mini set I picked up at ISSE!  I couldn’t even take the time to do a mani with each color individually because I liked them all so much I had to wear them at one time.

This is the four colors in the mini set shown above.

ORLY’s Cool Romance Spring color collection offers an elegant yet modern color palette, with soft shades that are the epitome of femininity.

Splashes of cool pastels project the fresh romanticism of young love, with a sleek sensibility that’s all grown up

On my index finger is: Prelude to a Kiss – pink creme

middle finger is: You’re Blushing-lilac creme

ring finger is: Jealous, Much?- mint creme

and pink/thumb are Faint of Heart – gray creme

OK now onto what these polishes inspired:

Easy to do it yourself hearts – just in time for Valentine’s Day!!

You can click on this collage to make it larger and easier to follow.

Tip: paint your nails whatever color(s) you want first and let them fully dry before doing your hearts.

I like alternating colors on nails and with the hearts.  Here is how mine looked when I was all done.

They were inspired from those Valentine’s conversation hearts!

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!  I love you all!!!

I would call your local Orly supplier like Ulta or Sally Beauty Supply if you want to go to a store to pick these up to see when they’re available.

But they are available on Drugstore.com right now for $8.50/each in full size bottles

Is this a collection you’re interested in?  Are you going to try out the hearts?  Let me know in the comments, I love hearing from you all!


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5 thoughts on “Orly Cool Romance swatches and DIY heart nail art how-to

  1. Rebecca Russell says:

    Such a cute mani! And thanks for showing us how to do the hearts; otherwise I would have looked at them and thought I couldn’t do it. But now I know that I totally could. 🙂


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