OPI Nicki Minaj mani mini swatches

Don’t get confused – I didn’t open the prize box, OK?  I have a new, unopened set of these polishes as a giveaway still.  Contest is going strong!  Don’t forget to enter!  Just click here.

Now onto the swatches!

Here is the packing – I love it.  Practically a mirror to do touch-ups.

Pink Friday was a super girly pink polish that matched my pink room, pink pajamas and Victoria’s Secret PINK shirt perfectly.  I kinda died I loved it so much.  Applied in 3 coats.

Did It On ‘Em didn’t match any clothes I have, but it did match my post-its at work.  Most impressive.  Again, 3 coats!

This is an eye-catcher, without a doubt!!!  I LOVE IT!!!

Fly.  Hell yeah, it is just that.  A perfect teal creme polish.  Two coats!

Metallic 4 Life is crazy beautiful in the bottle.  On the nail it is more subtle.

This image is a tad out of focus intentionally – to show you how the bar glitters are able to reflect different colors.  Only one coat!

This collection is hot.  I am a colorful person, who loves colorful nails so this is right up my alley.

If you want a chance to win this set, enter my giveaway.  The post also features some psychedelic nail art I did with this collection!

Is there a color you’re dying to try?  Are they too bright for you?  Let me know in the comments!


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