ISSE spotlight on hair products / brands

Yes.  I am still really writing about the International Salon & Spa Expo I went to.

For this post I wanted to focus on some hair brands and products that really caught my attention.  One got their own post, already.

There was SO MUCH to look at.  The booths were ginormous.  It was totally like a salon on crack.

The first brand that caught my attention was Doll haircare.

These curls were to effing die for.  Every girl with curly hair *wishes* her hair looked like this naturally.  Their product that stood out most to me is the Twiddle Stic.  I watched the demo and somehow prayed that my husband would text me saying our tax return came in so I could grab one and whip out a card to pay for it.  Unfortunately it didn’t happen… but one of these will be mine one day.  I’m anxiously awaiting some type of review from my friend that attended and did get to purchase one.

This photo is of a random model from a hair extensions booth.  I’m not an extensions kind of girl but I LOVED her hair style.  It is so funky!!!  Like glam punk!

This was the side view for the booth Snappies.  There were women lined up to buy this stuff.  People were literally pushing one another out of the way.

This is a quick and easy way to snap in a streak of synthetic hair in one of ten colors available.  Very creative!

This is a shot of the TIGI booth.  Holy cow this booth was nuts every hour of the day.  It was a constant styling, runway, instructional event.  Probably the biggest booth in the place.

You might know this brand best for their Bed Head products.  I love their CURLS ROCK products.  They showed some really great hair colorings and cuts, too.

What shocked me most is that they have make-up!!!  Must try… sigh…

Have you heard of these brands or tried any of the products?  Got any recommendations?  Let me know in the comments!

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