Is anyone else dying to try one of these?

This unique innovation in snacking is made with real milk and calcium to provide the same calcium as an 8 oz glass of milk.  A wholesome alternative to existing bars, KRAFT MilkBite Bars are a deliciously different snacking experience that fashionistas can enjoy on the go.  Plus, these bars do not contain high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives found in many other snack bars.  

  Found in the refrigerated dairy aisle, each KRAFT MILKBITE Milk & Granola Bar combines real milk with whole grain granola and other tasty and nutritious ingredients like fruit or roasted nuts, while offering 30% of your daily recommended value of calcium.


Please note: above content was provided by PR, the content below is all me.

I’m not on a diet – I prefer to call it a lifestyle change.  Not doing anything crazy or life altering here.  No cutting out vital food groups or indulging in an occasional goodie.  I know that you can achieve your lifestyle and fitness goals through moderation and good old exercise.  I’ve continued to add more into my physical routine like kettle bell workouts 2x a week, 3-4x a week a minimum of 45 minutes of vigorous cardio, and walking a minimum of 5 miles every single day.  I know that five miles sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t.  All you have to do is keep moving.  Think about what you can be doing while you’re watching a TV show.  Instead of vegging, get off your butt and move.  You can march in place and still get somewhere.  I mean, you might still be in your living room – literally.  But at the end of the day you got your blood flowing, your muscles moving, and your calories burning.

These granola bars sound like an interesting quick breakfast or afternoon snack when I used to reach for a cup of coffee or a bite size candy.  Also this sounds like a good snack for my 3-year-old.  I love chocolate, I love granola, and I need more calcium in my food pyramid/daily intake.  So when I saw this press release I was compelled to share a different side of me other than the “beauty stuff.”  I wasn’t paid to write this post, nor have I even sampled the product.  Hopefully I haven’t bored you to death.  The make-up stuff will be back tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Is anyone else dying to try one of these?

  1. Donna D says:

    They look really good, sound really good to. I agree you can’t cut everything good out when your trying to lose weight, if you do in the long run, it’s just not going to work. The thing is to enjoy a good treat once in a while and then exercise. I think the best thing to do to get pounds off is to get up and move, and I agree, even if it’s just stepping in place in your living room, at least your moving and it’s still exercise and it’s still burning those calories.


  2. Rebecca Russell says:

    I’m gonna have to keep an eye out for these. Hubby and I are trying to change things up and be healthier this year. These look like a tasty and easy way to get the calcium that I know I lack in my diet. Thanks for showing these to us.


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